Our Roadmap

We’re in this for the long haul. Once we hit our target sell through rates, demand generation goals, and KPI’s we will triple-down on realizing the stated goal.

Q3, 2022
Initial Launch

5,000 of the 10,000 EGOZE are made available for sale to the public.

MID Q3, 2022
Second Launch

The remaining 5,000 EGOZE are made available for sale to the public - dutch auction style.

MID Q3, 2022
Community Wallet

The community wallet will be used to reward all holders.

EARLY Q4, 2022
The Sandbox

All  holders will be airdropped an EGOZE Voxel for free.

MID Q4, 2022
EGOZE Social App

EGOZE Social is launched on both IOS & Android devices.

LATE Q4, 2022
Public ICO

$EGO Coin Launched. Our coin will act as the currency within our Play to Earn Game.

LATE Q4, 2022
Play to Earn

Three of our Play to Earn game titles are launched.

EARLY Q2, 2023
Meta-Land sale

Our Metaverse land sales begin. EGOZE holders gain early access to this.

MID Q2, 2023
Metaverse Launch

6 of the 8 Districts within our Metaverse are accessible .

Q3, 2023
Metaverse Final

All 8 Districts in our Metaverse are fully accessible.